There were the offerings
The sweets the flowers and the fruits
In a wicker basket neatly arranged
And there were the multicoloured lights
Dotting the trees
And waiting to come on bright after nightfall
About due
All for you
My chosen object revered

Darkness of the night did spread itself
The lights did come on and sparkled
And the offerings openly graced the altar
But you were not to be found or seen
Nor the priest
There was no flame or smoke
Though I did not search for you
Beyond my vicinity and reach
My hands were tied
Senses dulled
And name erased
My memory just stood still as a ragged stone
A witness dark and cold
Imbibing the show
All for the lack of verve failing me

by Ravinder Kumar Soni

Comments (2)

This is a poet who can look deeply into his own soul and see the truth- sad as it may be. I want to read more of his work and see what else his words have to tell about the truth.- -as palpably as when a men in double worsted felt the cuff drop to his wrist.
Searching the faces for the souls! ! Thanks for sharing.