BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)


I gave you it all,
you gave nothing in return.
Put down the drink, Sally,
and talk to me.

We danced
the night we met.
We drank
like it would never run out.

Today we live in our little flat,
o'er looking the harbor.
You don't dance anymore,
but the glass n'ver let your hand.

Sally, I love you,
but I cant stay.
Ya live in a bottle,
a beer soaked genie.

I admit that I drink my share,
but you are of a higher order.
Ah, t'hell with it and let's hit the pub, Sally,
drinks be on me tonight!

We'll go dance and sing,
trading shot for shot.
Later we'll make passionate love,
but Sally, my girl, leave the bottle out.

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