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Sally Trench

She led a convoy of trucks through war torn Bosnia
With food for the children in refugee camps there
On dangerous roads that were criss crossed with land mines
The Sally Trench's of this World are rare.

She could have stayed in comfort home in England
And the plight of Bosnia's children chosen to ignore
But she thought 'no' I'll help the starving children
And in history her name will live forever more.

Even the most negative person could not help but say 'well done'
For here is one so easy to admire
Just goes to show what a brave woman can accomplish
And her story is a story to inspire.

She could have stayed at home the same as i did
And hear the news from Bosnia far away
And say seems a pity that I cannot help them
But actions than words far greater any day.

She could have opted for the easy option
And utter worthless words of sympathy
But she went there and helped the innocent sufferers
The victims of man's inhumanity.

Her's is the story of a gutsy woman
Brave Sally Trench is one that i revere
She led her noble truck drivers through Bosnia
And she was fearless in the gap of fear.

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