My Grieving Heart

Long and lonely road, even the
trees Ain't Smiling. Am a bird without a
Song. A grieving heart!

My sin is a shade to rain drops,
Cos I have break an angel's heart.

I feel so cold, and long for your touches
But it seems to be lost in the dark.

Try to find joy in the dazzing waves of
The ocean but it is just another fantasy.

Even try to count the stars, but it seems
Impossible without you.

This tears of loneliness never dry.
There is no way out! Please Turn on your
heart and love my grieving heart
once more.

by Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa

Comments (2)

It doesn't show in the averages, but I've rated each of the three poems of yours I've read a 10, not my usual habit by the way.
we can observ in this poem that the poet has collected the theam from the nature use by salmon gives us her poetic capability, the way of her writing poetry in distintive way.