Salsaabil 62 On Variety Of Thing Poem@sakisabre!

I fear the day
a day that my friends
nd family shall cry over me
a day i wil be wrapped in white cloth
a day my family will pour sand on my grave, a day that all my social networks friends shall mourn me
a day my pics shall be displayed al over
fbk readin R.i.p dear friend
a day my num shall never go tru again
a day all my enemies will rejoice within them
a day insects shall welcome me to my last
a day full of moody and sadness
a day full of fear
a day my wife nd kids shall pray for me
a day every 1 shall miss my naughty jokes and company
a day i shall finally rest from world problems a day every where a shall be strange to
me a day i will be forgotten by family
and friends
a day that surely everyone shall encounter:
ya Allah dnt take me except wen u
are pleased with me and when I have left all Awliya' among my offspring that shall pray for me.

(Conversation with mujib a usman)


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