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Who Scatter The Winds And Stir The Clouds?

We were floating in the sky
We the smooth clouds with lumpy patterns,
We were approximately 1-3 kilometers in diameter
We were a length of 0.5 meters on average
We contained ice and liquid water inside
We were extremely eye-catching..........
Suddenly the Cloud-Rain management Angel came
Mammatus Clouds, Disperse for rain:
We began to break and scatter........
We dropped down and scatted by wind
'It is Allah who sends the winds and they stir the cludos and spread them in the sky
however He wishes''
Al-Room 30: 48

Why a Muslim Needs Beard!
'For the reason one who respects the signs sent by Allah, that is the sign of his
Tak-waa'[sura Hajj 32]
It was the ideal model of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
To keep beard
Letting it tall but skin shorten mustache
But now we oppose
And our wives dislike!
All prophets had beard!
All Sahabas had beard
Our forefathers struggled for beard
Now we struggle for elimination
Allah says:
'(Shaitan says :) I certainly order them and then they wud change Allah's creation'
[sura nisa 119]
Rasul (Saw) said:
Short your Mustache to skin and keep beard as tall as it fall
If you follow the fashion of any other nation
You would be considered under that Nation
Man looks manly through beard
Women are naturally beardless
Shaving beard is Haram
And it is a sin of Kobira
Don't jeer at bearded people
It indicates that you are trying to get out of your Religion!
Allah says:
Allah says:
Beard brings respect and honor for a Man
Allah gives us chance to work for his satisfaction
Let not do work which are against your Order or Fitrat

Why Adam's son of the same Nation Hate Each other?
There was a Plain Land
It was formed from silting of Great Rivers
Here some people came to live
Gradually they became a big Nation
Some became Stubborn to religion!
Some became Reluctant to religion!
Some became Liberal to it!
The Cultivable land became Heaven of Crops!
People began to be Rich
It is a place full of Natural Resources!
But alas!
There was made a division among them by Catalysts!
Then the Religious people began to hate the Reluctant!
The reluctant began to hate the Stubborn!
They even began to kill each other!
The Liberal are Liberal!
The place became a hell!
Why Adam's son of the same Nation Hate Each Other?

why not a devorced for me! ! !
After Khadijah (ra) died,
Prophet Muhammad(saws) married a
number of wives!
All of these marriages, except that with
A'ishah (ra) were with women
who were widowed or divorced
- yet they are known as the
‘Mothers of the Believers’!
At the present time in the Muslim
There is a stigma attached to sisters
Who were previously married!
Just because a woman is divorced it doesn’t
mean that she has done
something wrong nor is a bad
To marry a divorced
woman is an option that should not be rejected straight away,
After all a woman’s marital status should not be an obstacle
to marriage!
It’s her Deen, modesty, piety and righteousness
that are of utmost important!


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