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Salt And Pepper Shaker

Salt and pepper shaker,
Talk to me a lot,
Whether the customer,
Advice sought.

Salt and pepper shaker,
You have heard so much,
Of this and that and this,
And all comments such.

How does it feel,
Sitting on a restaurant,
To give advice,
To be able?

Salt and pepper shaker,
I'm about to use you,
On my food.

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Comments (3)

yes, the 'shakers' can SPILL a lot of information/advice! i like the rhyming and that you ended as you did, without a rhyme. nice. Howard mentions mundane, below. well..... shakers are mundane, but TALKING shakers are NOT! CUTE. to MyPoemList. bri ;)
Bringing meaning out of the mundane is indeed a wonderful way to create poetry.
Like it. Just think if the salt and pepper pots could talk, The things they could tell you. A great poem.