Saltbush Country

The salt pans in the sunshine are gleaming as white as snow
Down in the saltbush country where only saltbush grow
No cattle to be seen for miles and just a few small flocks of sheep
Land in the saltbush country to buy is very cheap.

Down in the saltbush country you won't see many trees
Just hectares of saltbush blowing in the freshening breeze
That blow through the barren Countryside from the ancient Coorong
Not known as a place for wildlife and with so few birds of song.

The Melbourne - Adelaide highway is straight and flat to Tailem Bend
And at the dry brown Countryside the saltbush country end
The saltbush it is spreading in a century from now
From Tintinara to Tailem Bend one will not see a cow.

Big salt pans seen from the highway in the sunshine gleaming white
Where miles and miles of saltbush is quite a common sight
A Countryside of few people with wildlife also rare
Where the smell of salt and saltbush is always in the air.

by Francis Duggan

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