Salto Salto Salto

Hop! Hop! Hop!
The stigma around hop.
The dark atmosphere laughs,
Joyous lambs, liberated calves.

The settling wind scatters like foams,
Dripping like drops of honeycombs.
The gentle breeze find its way near,
The shadows lurking among the trees are no longer there.

Nature pulling off the cloak of the climate,
Putting on her a new garment of fate.
The grey clouds in their old age retreat,
The smilling daffodils, the humming sun greet.

The dark linen left is withdrawn,
A fresh air she stretched forth like a lawn.
All natures awake to strife with fun,
Stood aright as emerged is the dawn.
18: 01: 14: 19: 58

by Adeyemi Joshua

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