Salute The Workers

Salute the workers they built the Towns and Cities and made this Country what it is today
And salute the miners, site workers and drainers and all dead workers who at peace now lay
And salute the workers of our generation the working men and women nothing easy comes their way
Who have to contend with useless right wing Governments who do begrudge them every raise in pay.

Salute the workers they are worth saluting their sons and daughters fight the wealthy man's war
From the cradle to the grave an uphill battle they must work hard or in life they don't get far
When the right wing Government attack the workers union in truth it is the workers they attack,
Salute the workers those heroes of the work force the Country's economy they carry on their back.

The right wing Government for the wealthy classes govern their motto give the workers an inch and they take a yard
But salute the workers they are worth saluting for to get anywhere in life they must work hard
They may not be seen as the high achievers but many battles by them fought and won
And they build the railways, the car parks and skyscrapers and they are and always will be number one.

Salute the workers the backbone of society to the hospital ward up from the factory floor
The unrecognized rulers of the Country they have always ruled and will rule forever more
The workers united can never be defeated and of any Country the workers are the soul
And when times are bad we rely on the workers to drag us out of the financial hole.

by Francis Duggan

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