Salute To My Pope

Poem By Michael Olakunle Adesanya

I never saw you, face to face though
You were every where around
The world, I never had the opportunity to
Shake hands with you one on one
But i fell you everyday around
The globe through poeple of every tribe,
Tongue, colour and religion.
You have taught us not
Only to love but that -Love is life.

An empitome of love
A man of great simplicity
A pope of the commoners
An embodiment of justice
A pace setter
The poeple's Pope
The man of the century
What a blessed generation I belong
As to live in your time.
A man of many talents
A pope of the poor
A pope of the orphan
A pope of the powerless
A pope of every religion
Oh! what a triumphant passage to eternal life.
May his soul rest in peace -Amen

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