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I am breaking
Falling apart

Of me
The man I am
Is breaking apart

I was strong
I still am
But the battle inside of me
Is killing my life

I love you
Adore you
But you are the one
I cannot tell

Os fight
A battle
To wage
A war

To take a bullet
All of this
I can do
I can do for you

But waiting
Wondering if
You are still okay
Is breaking away from me

Are you all right
Can you hear me
Are you okay
I wish you were
Wight here beside me

I am here now
Its all right
I will take care of
You forever more

Where are you
Can you hear me
Are you out there
I miss you
Your love and light
Have gone away from me

My word
Is breaking
Your light is gone
Out of my life

There is darkness
It is growing
Things are here
Which fled before your light

I am wounded
And weary
The battle
Rages on and on
And I am alone

You’re an angel
A help mate
Sent from up above
To guide my wandering soul

I was dying
When you met me
You took my life
In to your hands
And saved me from death

You have left me
For a while
The only question
As of now
Is can I live that long

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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Awesome poem, I love its intensity