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Poem By don't ever ask

your former obsessive sufferment,
haunts me even in my dreams,
i know i make you happy,
but i also want to be your sorrow,
i want to become your pain,
your happiness,
your vice,
your salvation,
your ruin,
your everything,
your nothing,
just open up to me,
let me give you a hand.
you're not empty inside,
believe me,
you have a soul,
you have a heart,
the problem is,
that they're destroyed,
somehow hollow,
and summerged in complete darkness,
so let be me your light,
let me be your freedom,
let me hold you tight,
and scare your fears away,
let me eliminate what's left of her.
please, replace your former feelings,
replace them with love to me,
if you do so,
i solemny swear to you,
that i'll jealously guard the gates of your heart,
and no attack,
no sadness,
no betrayal,
no offense,
will ever even graze them,
let them hurt me,
let them torture me,
for my love is so strong,
that it will endure any pain,
anything at all,
and I, therefore assure you,
that not even death,
would be so impertinent,
as to even dare my love for you.

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