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Poem By Derek McCasland

Surrealistic mist,
Wafting through my mind,
Searching for a dream,
That's impossible to find.

Straining my eyes to see the crux;
The Truth of what I've learned,
As people stab me in the back,
While feigning deep concern.

Waves of Night envelope me,
Shrouding theives in the dark,
The trees have lost their luster;
The sky has now grown stark.

I trip and slide into a hole,
Deep, and cold, and damp,
My inner voice tormenting me,
My limbs begin to cramp.

...Then I feel a hand
Rest upon my own,
And squeezing fingers gently
Warm me to the bone.

I hear a voice within my mind;
'My Prince, I'm here for you,
And I can take away the pain
Of all that you've been through.'

Opening my eyes, ...
I see her lovely face,
Tears of joy now banishing
The fear that they replace.

She smiles at me warmly,
And I feel the chains give way...
Love pulls me from the darkness,
Unto a blessed day.

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