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RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


Poem By Rachel Fogle

A promise of tomorrow,
A kiss for you & me.
A laugh that shines from the heart,
is gods glory to thee.

Salvation from far above,
Or salvation is its whole.
Can bring comfort in many ways,
even when others have yet to find that goal.

Life bends in many directions.
It falls here & there.
It sometimes leaves us to wonder,
if & when where really there.

Humans being such emotional creators,
Have adapted in a way of life.
Forgetting sometimes that in all liefs glory,
Salvation is through our eyes.

Not because of its all powerful meaning,
Or because some of us loose our way.
But more because its out there,
More because life can lead us astray.

We know what road we have taken,
We know what path we are on.
Yet somehow even on that path,
That fork in the road is not seen or looked upon.

Salvation comes to us,
In a prayer or cry from above.
It reaches out and grabs our hand,
and gives us that push to carry on.

Lead us not into temptation,
Yet deliver us from evil.
Salvation will carry our burden,
And we shall walk through liefs constant upheaval.

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