(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Sam And The Butterfly

One day I saw a sweet butterfly
Just as pretty as can be
My coal black tomcat, Sam
Was walking next to me

A beautiful summer day
I smiled and hummed a song
Enjoying this flitting butterfly
As Sam and I walked along

And suddenly, you’ll not believe
Without a single sound
Sam swiped his paw into the air
Knocking this butterfly to the ground!

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Comments (3)

Sam was only doing what comes naturally. I had a scottish terrior who was so quick that she could snap butterflies right out of the air. I could not hold it against her. Very well written, Marilyn. Warm regards, Sandra
This is such a cute piece with a delightfully unexpected ending... love, Allie xxxx
This proves a point I have often made...we try too hard to humanize our pets...but they are, still and after all...just beasties, true to their nature! !