Sam's Grave

On the grassy mound on the grave in the backyard the windblown wildflowers nod and sway
Where Sam the faithful farm dog at rest forever lay
By the old rusted tin machinery shed his bones are in decay
From Jimmy his beloved master's house some twenty metres away.

Some good working dogs in his sixty years the ageing Jimmy can recall
But Sam his faithful black and white the greatest of them all
The true Border Collie keen to please to work was all he did desire
He could round up sheep or cattle all day long without seeming to tire.

Jimmy's children loved the old farm dog for them he would fetch stick or ball
He worked right to the very end though he had slowed to a crawl
In his kennel Jimmy found him dead his children were in tears
He had served the family very well for nigh on fourteen years.

Jimmy and Julie's two sons and daughter have left home they live and work in the big Town
Their young Border Collie is a two year old a white and darkish brown
His name is Shep a good working dog and good working dogs are rare
Though not quite in the class of Sam with Sam none can compare.

By the old tin shed in the backyard old Sam is in his long rest
Of all the farm dogs Jimmy had he still rates him the best
But every living thing must die and Sam he had his day
And butchebird on the wattle flutes in his cloak of dark brown and gray.

by Francis Duggan

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