Was born where
-rose, grew with hunger
-therefore, could define well.

Now works in restaurant
-in city, too big, large.
-His work is: "Move trash! "
-and that is what he does,
-everyday, mostly, nights.

Bags thrown, are filled with
-enough for towns, cities,
-to fill their sick tummies,
-and relieve pain, hunger.

"What is this? " he questions:
-showing word "expire! ! ! "

What he picks to fill bags
-are sealed and vacuumed
-meat, butter, chicken-leg
-to dough, sauce, flour.

He thinks of Hindu names
-boys as gods; girl, goddess
-each having a meaning
-among them Samar or fight-expert,
-Miranda meaning "God."

After learning: "B.S."
-every night he swears
-and whispers in shiver:
- "This B. S., that B. S."

He says so with each waste
-the unused and excess
-can be heard: "Meaningless! "

But finds it easier
-to talk in other way:
- "What is use of a god
-or goddess, even God
-when they do nothing and
-none can see, feel or help,
-let the life be unfair? "

by Nassy Fesharaki

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