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Poem By Ima Ryma

Liberals preach to grow the State,
Expanding its bounds on welfare,
Saving the masses from a fate
Of elite who don't want to share.
Conservatives preach big gov is
Just not the American way.
Free market capitalist biz
Is what should have the final say.
Libbies and Conservies so preach,
But rarely practice faithfully.
Conservies and Libbies do each
Bad mouth the other constantly.

Conservie and Libbie - just names,
Only purpose is to shift blames.

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Comments (1)

Aloha Ima Ryma.... Great handle! must you be a bad mamma jamma? all in good fun... political writes are somewhat problematic... due to the problematic nature of politics and personal preferences... and being that neither changes subject changes much in a lifetime... unless come universally chaotic event or the threat of death comes along and is applied to the equation... so good posts such as this are a blessing... and adding the biz, into this fray... is not their motto: Cash from chaos, kiss our asp? Thomas Jefferson had the best and most clarifying comments on allowing the business community to run rampant over the political arena... google and clarify my offering... Enjoyed immensely this little ditty... all the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.