Same Walk.

hold my hand,
be my friend,
i begged.
you judged
and saw me
unworthy of
your love and

i felt you slipping
out of muy hands,
out of my heart.
i could feel myself
becoming distant in your
i could feel myself
slipping like a baby
from their mothers
loving arms.

the disbelief is so overwhelming.
feel like rollinng on the
cold floor and
screaming my lungs out.
want to pull out my hair,
loose myself.
wimper like a small child
your absence has that effect on me.
the thought that you are there with her
and i 'm here all alone.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ! !
they ought to put me
in a straight jacket
and cart me off into
the insanes ward.

be my friend and hold my hand,
i requested,
you denied me of that
now my heart bleeds
sleep evades me.
what about the promises we made,
the whispered sweet nothings
under the cover of the dark night
only for our ears to hear.

the thing that hurts
the most is you did not
find it in your heart to
say goodbye.....
you are just not there

by rue moyo

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