As I walk on this beautiful earth every day. I am not walking alone. I am walking with others. You are walking with others. For this
earth is not my home. Why can't we share our love. Oh this earth
is so beautiful it is God's gift to his children to share. Why can't we
share the same. For this short stay, why can't we share this gift. Why can't we
share the same. My brother my brother why can't we share the same we are the
same. My love is the same as your love. My heart is the same my
fear is the same. My pain is the same water. We wash in the
same water it is clear. It is the same. God meant for this to be, why can't you see, that three things the
same in men! His heart, his blood, and his water, is the same. Let's
share the same as God meant it to be the same. My brother my brother when you get this in your head then the
whole world will be better to live and to love for it the same the same.

by Alice M. Thomas

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