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It’s Saturday night, On my way to the club
Got my girls, We the hottest of the Hot
Each ridin on dubs
This flashy guy caught my eye, He
Flossin, trying to holla, Doesn’t impress me
Everybody’s up in the spot, People hatin and lovin
Stoppin and starin, All up in our face

Go ahead and hate
I see you, I ain’t mad
Cuz if I looked like you
And saw a girl like me
I’d prolly hate, too (picture that)
But you will never catch me hatin’
On another broad
Cuz I’m the D to the I-A… M-O… N-D

I'm a 25 on your scale of 1 to 10
Sittin on 24s, eatin lobster and shrimp
Sippin on some Hpnotiq
So exotic, taking trips to the tropics
Just to sunbathe, catch a cool breeze
Then come back and chill, With my wrist on freeze
Boy please
You cant mess with me
Didn’t I tell you, Diamond’s my name
Don’t hate the game, Cuz you a lame, With no fame
Cryin about your life while sniffin cocaine
Man I done seen it all
From the projects to the church to the club to the mall

Oops there goes your fake Manolo’s
Up over my head – Oh my
Oops there goes your fake Gucci bucket
Under my feet – Oh my
Some kind of fake Louis bag
You have on your shoulder – Oh my
You’re turnin red, how could this be?

Yea you thought I didn’t notice
You shoulda stopped bootleggin with the Coachs
Belt and purse in blue
Who did you think you was foolin
How is it that you have all that dough
When 55 is the fastest your car will go
And you stay with your Mama, with all the baby drama
Talkin about I’ma
Save up, and move outta
The house, and buy me a Lexus or Benz
So I can keep about 15 female friends
Who all wanna ride, But that depends
On if she swallows, And how far her legs bend
Backwards or forwards, whichever way you please
Just as long as she know I aint spendin no cheese
On no ass, on no bitch, on no tease
Betta go get a job at Mickey D’s

So I say Boy please
First of all your breath is on E
Second don’t try to kick that game to me
Diamond is on fire
Even if you had 10 hoses you couldn’t spray me down
You know how we do, In the city called Rich Town

by Diamond Jones

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