Have you ever felt confused in your thinking
And thought your views on life may be all wrong
That the group of friends which you had known for some years
Is not the group to which you should belong.

Those that you looked up to for many Seasons
Are now the people you do not admire
You've grown apart from them in your ways and your thinking
Of sameness most people do seem to tire.

In the pubs and clubs they frequent they dwell on the same subjects
Themselves, their family and sports, work and football
Nowadays you find such subjects rather boring
And sameness does not interest you at all.

You do not see in work and money status
And you are far more spiritually aware
And yet you envy them their happiness in their sameness
Though with them not much in common you do share.

It is not that you are snobbish and conceited
Though far apart from them in ways you've grown
They do not see you now as one of their group
And no longer claim you as one of their own.

by Francis Duggan

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