AW (21st May 1970 / Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Samhain Trip

Man in the green -
Shocked senses,
Pure spirit
Tripping corners
Of mind
Into the fire.

Blessing brows
With brightness.
Unlocking prison -
Trapped angels.

Seeing self reflected
In all.
Speaking the word
Of many.
Laughing, echoing,

Escape to peace.
Tinkling streams
Of sanity.
Shadowy arms
Of comfort.
Walking the
Eternal misty road.

Circling group mind.
Round the infinite
Loop of
Time and people.
Lost fragments
Ancient fire song.
Summoning sacrifice -
Fight back to life.

Seeing that point
The cross marked.
Waiting for
The next but one.
Pass the buck.
Left holding
Clear mind laughing.

Man on the run
From the one
Fighting for
His soul.

Morning of clarity.
None suspecting,
Fool arrives
Too late,
His card is marked.

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