SC (14th September,1971 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Samia Dear You'Re My Love

You're a precious gift of God
You're a lovely darling my dear
You're very sweet and sincere too
And full of God's love and care

You're a constant source of joy
You bring lots of happiness drive
And you show unique ways to enjoy
In each and every day of this life

You fill with your smile life's road
You fill in happiness to take away tears
From everyone's eyes and everyone's soul
You show everyone in your own way you care

Your bright eyes sparkle like stars
And show everyone wonderful light
And you extend your hand of friendship
To all with fain and delight

I'm proud to be your mom my honey
For God has sent you with love and care
And you're a precious gift of God
And my lovely and darling baby dear.

Mama Loves You My Baby! ! !

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I strongly believe Samia would take this poem as a token of gift to her as a lifelong treasure.
A lovely poem penned from the heart of a beautiful mother Thanks for sharing
Love-What is love? if someone wants to know bout love go and ask a mother she will not even tell you but also shows you what true love is and ma'am you realy did showed that love to me towards your daughters...thank you ma'am for sharing such beautiful poems with me i rate it 10x100 which i even think is less...
Lovely composition with full of lovely words and sacred feelings.......10
Great birth day gift from a beloved mom to beloved daughter! Great write!
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