Samsaric Song

Can we obtain the fruits of this & next life?

Can we possibly cross the river of delusion?

We have continuously momentary pleasures that

Deceitfully lead our lucid mind & same as binding nooses.

This sensual world is full of temptation as ocean of nector

Death is certain, we blindly opposing each other

Sun like Buddha instructed us but way will never come

And blissed us as moon rays threw at the topmost hill

of innocent heart.

Sand of words are blown by cool breeze of poetry

Due to scriptures of Buddhism, whose heart was perfectly clear.

That spiritual power beautified the rainbow

of upper sky with whole sentient beings & its remainders

You must dry it up if the sun of wisdom & ignorance

Are placed at the same stage with his dharma.

Abandon all the bodily conduct of visible place

It will pierce your wrongdoing by knife of loving Buddha.

by Kawa Karpo

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Can we obtain the fruits of this & next life? - very nicely penned. Thanks.