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Samuel Dogs Hit

Samuel Dogs hit liked to be outdoors
And he subjected one with him to showering outside, open doors and windows during the depths of winter
He laughed at complaints and saw no discrepancy between this and his wealthy background

Endless searches throughout Berkeley and Oakland neighbourhoods for a Filipino houseboy servant you had as a youth
As if that would answer some long lost questions about your development into a not very good person
You wet the bed until you were 18
And was an absentee father to your two biological children

Samuel Dogs hit thought travel and the right political stance
Automatically made you a better person
Actually not necessarily a better person
But one above criticism - regal, royal, above the peasants

Samuel Dogs hit practiced a self-defeating and elitist ideology
He said "Look at my life, I'm so free"
He lived off his investments so he didn't work
Would vigorously call for boycotts and demonstrations but wouldn't take you to the doctor if you were sick

Wouldn't loan you five dollars if you were dying of hunger
Meanwhile, the letters from your stockbroker piling up in the mailbox
And the fact you shop at goodwill and argue passionately at a flea market over some very used good
You've made a name for yourself as dogshit

And your petty rank soul defies analysis
It's so base, it's just you are a surface person
And beneath the surface I wish is the sound of me too late breaking your bones
I missed that opportunity
Samuel Dogs hit, the bully
Samuel Dogs hit, the shabby man
Samuel Dogs hit, the self-defined hero, the pathetic self-delusion

by Raj Dronamraju

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