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Samurai Thoughts Of Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi is my name,
I have survived in over sixty mortal fights.
I lived to achieve great Japanese fame,
Therefore I offer the following advice.

Tis not the craftsman's deeds nor words,
But the warrior's inner spirit gives life,
To the finely crafted sword,
And the razor sharp knife.

I have made this arrival,
By connecting five rings nevertheless,
This has allowed for my survival:
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and No-thing-ness.

Study all arts and things,
In order for the spirit to reveal itself.
But the study of only one brings,
The world upon oneself.

Water connects the world's continents,
Being a warrior connects self with thoughts:
Spirit resolved and filled with calmness,
Vision to see what is and what is not.

Music played note for note without feeling,
Is not music but merely repetition.
A warrior must practice the skill of killing,
With soul, purpose and without hesitation.

Know the difference between others and yourself.
Know quickness over speed, power over strength.
A way of being merely not for result itself,
Depend not on any one weapon nor length.

Look at things with no attachment,
And you will know your place.
Nothing outside yourself can make you excellent,
All resides within yourself-seek no other fate.

Simply be. Because you are the spirit of the Thing Itself.
(Based on the Book of Five Rings)

by Mark Anderson

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I really like poems about warriors. Great job.