(2 December 1922 - / Washington, D. C.)

Sanctification Of Love

Those lovers, young, may think they know,
But they won't know the score,
Until they're married twenty years,
And then they add some more.

Some lovers must experiment
On ways that 'sex is best; '
But practicing eroticism
Doesn't meet the test.

The thing they need to learn is that
Good sex is tied to love;
And love is the ingredient
There is too little of.

With love they'd learn the meaning of
The many ways to give,
The many ways successful lovers
Learn to love and live.

Some lovers suffer setbacks when,
In early years, they learn
They don't experience true pleasure,
Just because they yearn.

They've got to work for each success,
For each good year; and then
They'll put it all together,
So that each will comprehend.

The ways they understand are those
True lovers learn with tears:
That bodies, hearts, and minds.... and sex....
Mature throughout the years.

So, cling together lovers, young,
But learn this lesson, true:
Be true to each.... your love will grow....
And sanctify the two.

(Written shortly after my 24th wedding anniversary in May 1975, Geneva, Switzerland)

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