Sanctioning With Intent...

O' love me tender, love me dearly,
disengaging wreckless romantic nights.
Fulfill my archaic dreams merrily,
corridors of compassion in sight.

Complete my life with passionate waves,
this heart anticipates your embrace.
Others intricately prowl to gain slaves,
doubt my word? Intensely devour this space.

Incomplete lessons of true; simplexed,
wondrously we float conceptively.
Compromise distantly in pretext,
bravely we have grown emotionally.

Growing old alone isn't of my desire,
let me show off the air that you breath.
Blue lit flame, deep from within my fire,
consider me your personal sheath.

I don't want just another memory,
I want a love that will last you'll see

by Kristin Nicole RothDavis

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