Poem By David Lewis Paget

If I had time to think
I think
That you and you
Would loom immensely
At this dream;
This wrecked and wracked wrong-headed,
Foot-sliding, step-staggering brink;

This theme.

If I had time, and time
Took time for me,
I'd turn back twenty years
Of pain and doubt,
And make my major moves
Before the long regret
In deep and tardy shifts
Left love, each one, one by one
In limbo - stranded yet.

And if I had you still, despite
My instability
Who loved me, as you love only;
Intense and bent to still my battered sanctuary;
At greener hills beyond my brink,

Then...would I lose you still,
When life's inept insanity
Tugged at my coat
And bid me - drink?

9 March 1989

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