'Sand Castles'

I've been working on our castles',
Made of white sands upon the beach.
But every time I get one done,
They wash away by the oceans reach.

You should have seen the one I made for you,
it was as great as ever done!
But sitting on the beach all day,
Mom said, 'You're getting too much sun! '

I know it all was worth it Sis,
If only for awhile.
Passers by would wink at me,
And some would even smile.

Guess that meant they really liked them,
Oh how I wish that you were here.
I know you've gone to be with God,
But I feel you oh so near.

Mom says you're always with us,
In our memories and my prayers.
The next castle will have some windows,
And a special place for you upstairs.

So I'll build you a bigger castle Sis,
And keep it from oceans reach.
And visit you everyday while vactioning,
Building our sand castles on the beach.

by Linda Winchell

Comments (2)

What a beautiful poem. I loved it and the beach is such a wonderful place to build sancastles. You did a remarkable job on this poem.
Well written, Linda, I could feel the sand in my toes,