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Sand Dollars 5 Squared
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Sand Dollars 5 Squared

The sand dollar legend
is five squared.
God's creative reminder
that Christ message He shares.

The start of Christ's journey
all in fives,
is found on the back,
a poinsettia outline

The center of the shell
tell of Christmastide.
The Bethlehem's' star
and it's five pointed side.

Then there's the five slits
on the stony shell.
Representing Christ's wounds
for His farewell.

The five doves of peace
you'll find inside.
Christ's message to all...
...silence the divide.

Last, five petals of the Easter lily
is found on the face.
The legend lives on
telling of renewal and grace.

21 April 2007

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I love how you described Christ in this poem and the sand dollar IS an awesome testament to His creations and majesty. Very beautiful, indeed!