Sanderling In Killarney

The sanderling born and raised in the Arctic i saw them on Killarney beach today
They feasted on sea lice along the tide line and from the incoming waves they turned and ran away
Only to return quickly when the waves had retreated to devour what the ocean had washed in
Each incoming wave brought with it tiny life forms they need to move fast their morsels for to win
One can only marvel at these tiny gray birds each year they travel thousands of miles of sky
From the Arctic they fly far south to coastal Australia and back home once again to breed they fly
For such tiny birds this is a daunting journey twice a year to have to undertake
It remains a mystery how they find their way so far south and their way back home to the Arctic make
On the beach in Killarney in Victoria they do usually arrive in early to mid Spring
And in early Fall depart for the Arctic the workings of Nature is an amazing thing
The sanderlings that i see in Killarney have seen by far more of the World than me
Their journeys take them through so many Countries a lot of beaches in their lives they do see
From Siberia by the cold far northern ocean far south to the sunny southern shore
Than the most travelled person on the Planet of miles the tiny sanderling have travelled more.

by Francis Duggan

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