In the park she will never be seen again
Mental images of her are all that does remain
Sandra in her mid eighties was buried today
Among the town's deceased at peace she does lay

She never had children or was never any man's wife
But she always did honor her great gift of life
Always willing to help anyone of helping in need
Sandra she was a great person indeed

Of shoulder length wavy silver gray hair and a beautiful face
She was one of the few who did age with grace
Down to earth and friendly and free of guile
She always greeted everyone with a beautiful smile

She was such a beautiful person to know
One who was born with the inner glow
Sad to think her i am never more for to meet
When i am out walking in the park or the street

Joy to so many in life she did bring
But this morning the farewell bell for her did ring
The last breath of life from her body may be gone
But in all who knew her fond memories of Sandra will live on.

by Francis Duggan

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Reminds me of the song SANDRA popularized by BARRY MANILOW... a big 10++++