Sandra Feldman 2

Silence took over! !But with a meaning;
All in the name of peace and love,
Nature! ! Natural! Nurtured with the truth.
Drawing lines of Love!
Respecting all the rules;
As Beauty came around.

Faculty! ! Felicity! Friendship;
Entering into the world so sweet with your works.
Light to the world! The light of the truth;
Doing the right thing always,
Making it possible to bring peace to the world;
According to righteous morals!
Noted with righteous laws.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (1)

Faculty! ! Felicity! Friendship; All values are entering into the world and we are getting essence of these. This a nicely penned positive perspective poem written as a tribute for great poetess Sandra Feldman. Righteous laws are very powerful in this world. Sandra will like this poem very much...10