What's A Blessing, Grandma?

Poem By Mary Lou Willoughby

Sands of time fall
In the glass, one by one
Each grain so small
Under the setting sun, it has begun

Even though it just begun
The end lingers near
When the glass is empty and done
All your worst fears will be here

Your fate will soon be realized
As the sands fall to bottom
As you lose your disguise
You too will have fallen

You have fallen, into a pit of fear
Never again to see the light
Dark and shrouded, so unclear
You get ready for a fight

Your opponent mysterious
Eyes blood red, cold
Eerie and fearless
They look deep within your soul

They know who you are
They pass judgment on your sins
You cant hide from them
They look at you, and grin

Charging forward, they lash out
Striking away your ignorance
They hack away at your doubts
And find reason for your existence

Stripping away your sins, you are naked
And as the final grain falls, the world can see
Time could not be forsaken
For now you have been set free

You are free at last, in a cruel world of hate
Time never stands still, never wait
In this place, you are always late
Too long, too much time you waste
Here you stand, in the sands of fate

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