When Nature's winds grow angry death and destruction they create
Sandy arrived in coastal north eastern America feeling irate
And left death and vast damage and tears and heartbreak
During his hours of uncontrollable violence behind him in his wake

Though feared and uninvited from the ocean he came
And wreaked havoc in parts of a great Nation before blowing himself tame
And returning to his cave in the Universe to die
Whoever believes that there is one mightier than Nature does believe in a lie

His son or his daughter on some future night or day
Will rage from the caves of the winds far away
And cause grief, death and destruction and blow buildings down
At the height of his or her anger in many a city and town

I've yet to hear mention of Nature as a super power
Yet the one who gives birth to a beautiful flower
Can also give birth to an angry irresistible force
That shakes and flattens everything in it's course

The citizens band on the streets did not play up and down
For to welcome the arrival of Sandy to town
In his hours of anger he left death and heartbreak
And great buildings looking battered behind him in his wake.

by Francis Duggan

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