Sandy found a boy to love,
The captain of the team.
Her mother said she didn't like
The boy she thought a dream.

Sandy found a dress to wear
To her Junior-Senior Prom.
Her mother said she hated it.
Yes, that was Sandy's mom.

Sandy wore it anyway.
The boys thought she was cool.
Her mother said how she behaved
Made any girl a fool.

Sandy stayed out all night long.
Her mom paced to and fro.
Where her daughter was that night
No one would ever know.

Sandy saw the light of day.
How did the party end?
And where was he, the boy she loved
And took for her best friend?

Sandy found she was alone.
Her love had gone away.
Now she knew it mattered,
What her mom had to say.

Sandy had a daughter and
She loved her oh so true!
Then her daughter fell in love.
Was nothing really new?

Sandy waited half the night.
She cried, as you may know.
Then her daughter came back home
And giggled at her flow.

Sandy wiped her tears away,
And smiled a little too;
Thankful for her daughter's fate
At finding love so true.

Yes, Sandy found a boy to love.
The captain of the team.
The one that brought her daughter home.
The one, she thought a dream.


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hearing your voice with each word I read. something I did several times, bcz I couldn't get enough of hearing them. exquisite write and all yours are.
A very nice romantic story. I like the rhymes and the flow nice to read..
The trials and tribulations of life, haven't we all gone through them! We all have to learn the hard way, at some time or other. Great write. Great storyline. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
two generations..and it's all about are a good story teller..
Sandy! Oh! Sandy! You are a history Of love and romance Songs of one's heart............ You reminded me of the song Sandy Wolfey! Great descriptive poem written in a fine poetic structure..................10
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