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FS Franklin Spriggs (December 28,1951 / Portsmouth, Ohio)


From the moment that I saw you,
I loved you from the start,
It didn't take you long,
How fast you stole my heart.

I enjoyed our walks together,
You became my dearest friend,
The hours and days I spent with you,
I thought would never end.

Day's turned to months,
Month's turned to years,
Sometimes full of laughter,
Sometimes full of tears.

We would cuddle one another,
I loved you in my arms,
The playful dances that you did,
You filled my heart with charms.

But as the years went rolling by,
We both grew old together,
We both had to slow down,
To leave my side... no not ever.

But the saddest day of my life,
I knew one day it would arise,
When you would leave me here forever,
No longer by my side.

I miss you so very much,
And the companion you use to be,
The walks now are in loneliness,
Since you were taken away from me.

I must finish my walk with out you,
We'll walk together again one day,
I must bury my puppy Sandy,
And a heart she took away.

My puppy Sandy
of 17 years

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A refined poetic imagination, Franklin Springs. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.