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Sandy the golden retriever, a gentle and loveable soul
A long walk, a friendly pat, food in a bowl
These were his normal, natural goals

He was so happy bounding along
So surefoot, an expert, his balance was strong
His tail a gracious proud plume, his stride free and long

Yet Sandy had a fear, which had me quite floored
He wouldn't exit the car from the front passenger door
Only from the driver's side, no matter how much you implored

If you tried to drag him out, be careful, he'd bite
Sandy, so loving, but it was just in his fright
Would do anything not to exit, try as you might

One day two little dogs accompanied him in the car
Two little dogs who did not bear his scar
Two little dogs whose minds did not have this bar

When the car finally stopped at its destination
These two dogs were waiting in a state of excitation
For the passenger door to open, to fly out without hesitation

And Sandy, a dog also, could not watch them run free
Could not stay in the car, but jumped out quite gladly
Out of the door that had him spooked so eerily

Dare I suggest that an analogy can be invented
Between Sandy and those who from their lungs smoke is vented
Something for which their lungs was never intended

(Sydney, Australia - 2004)

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