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the night is longing
bringing red rimmed eyes
and clumsy feet of mourning
the night is
the sex of art and beauteous embraces
locks of lips and Velcro limbs
you are stretched and snapped
molded to fill in rotten holes
in heart's walls
a salve that solves my head
you make the world quicker and smaller
and the nights are fading
so unsatisfied with bloodied wine and sorrow's milk
I give you cherry eyes floating on pheromones
and blue seas of light
leaving us drunk until Sunday
this night isn’t long enough

the night is longing
when you fly on silver wings
and my bronze words fall out
worthless to the shining splendor
that theives and beggars receive
from sun wounded hands
the Holy Grail is sought
in late wastings of ink
dark as the weakening night
to prove electric gospels wrong
but you bring me roses and red looks
when I am a rose myself
in funeral procession
those clumsy feet march on still drunk
on precious faded nights

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