Sanity Falls Somewhere In Between

Poem By Cretan Maineiac

It's the misread second act that
F.Scott was
really talking about, when

all is well &
God is great &
all systems are Now.

Sanity falls
'twixt my

Talk that won't stop, even for a
Pause, when
everyone yields to my own

observations on the human condition, &
incantations against the state, &
'you shoulda' seen me win the cribbage match...' 'tween

Listening to your she sd./he sd, & quantum
mechanic leaps & 'according to
prophecy' & 'I [heard] the news today oh boy...' that no other will

request, hear, or even deign to
know, in
hanging dialectical.

Sanity falls (an aged tree) somewhere in
between the
two (green shrub) extremes,

with the same menacing thud as what everyman has to say
with no guarantee of clarification, salvation, or (laughs) a day's pay.

Comments about Sanity Falls Somewhere In Between

I am very much smiling at, er, Chris' comment, and I have to agree. t x
Absolute genius, once again. i wish i was you...

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