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Sanjaya Anyone?

sat down to watch TV
I saw a young lad singing to me
His voice was beauty, his smile contagious
The response of some, totally outrageous
I felt love and peace from his center
I saw a pure soul about to enter
He shares his song and youthful spirit
So many loved, so many jeared at it
What kind of message sent at this hour?
To a talented youth sharing inner power?
Some grown men released blocks of hate
Where were you raised that allows such traits?
You spit foul messages to a kind soul
As you do this you define your role
in darkness
As for me, I chose to hear his gift
He raises emotions despite the rift
Know he is loved by some with clear emotion
Who choose to enjoy and not stir up commotion
This youth at seventeen can achieve anything
I thank him for the joy I feel when he sings
Amazing the joy he exudes at your bite
This singer who shares his light
through the darkness.

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I agree with Brian, this really is a great poem. I've mentioned this so many times on this site, but I like Sanjaya, too. It's a shame that he's out of the running for IDOL. : -( But the good news is that he'll be back for the tour at the end! : -D
I thought Sanjaya was actually very good... and a good sport as well. You make a lot of valid points... great poem, 'Dawg' (I mean Dawn) ! Brian