AI (28/01/1994 / Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria.)


Whether on motherland or in death; We will win!
I shed my blood and bleed my tears On the unmarked grave
Cursed for bearing your unripe body; Sacred for covering the
shattered and Fragmented pieces of what was once your body
In a concoction of your brave blood seeped in injustice
Offered on the sacrifice of impotent unproductive greed

A pride of my entire race; Yours is the only ghost
Welcomed in my dreams. Yours is the name dripping
On worthy lips. Yours is the only name Worthy of our fertile soil
The dream of greatness in motherland died in your lost unforgettable soul
Found only in insane beings as me

I will drink your blood under the moonlight of a new age
With the heart of the lion Lumumba
In the rites that makes me a reincarnation of bravery
Let your black blood fuel me on the journey of an improbable return
Let the whisper of your name be the lullaby of death
To those who sought against you

For the cause and grace which you rose and fell
I will leave my carcass to spout wild flowers
I will turn my bones into hives for the bees of freedom
Such that when history remembers the victory
And forgets our many blood that floated the boat of peace
And our broken bones that paddle it to whatever aisle
That there cowardly minds could not move the future past

It would remember our names in the storms of change
In the whirlwind of sacrificial revolutions
She would remember my name
But her lips shall pay homage to a god of man
Her lips shall sing no other, no other than

by Adetimilehin Inioluwa

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