Santa Goes Home

Santa Claus who was returning
from the chimney fires burning
had delivered all the presents
to the workers and the peasants.
Reindeer were exhausted too
(one had thrown a hindfoot shoe) .
So, the master had been walking
with the animals, and talking
it was slow and painful going
even worse while it was snowing.

Soon they reached the plains of Sweden
which was far removed from Eden,
Santa spat, it was his habit
what he chewed onto a rabbit.
He was used to chew tobacco
(some considered him a wacko) ,
as it was a prophylactic
also somewhat ataractic.

'Rabbit', now said Santa quickly,
'I must say you look quite sickly
you will freeze your spindly legs! '
'I am here to lay those eggs
coloured and of great perfection
and created by convection.'

'Yes, but this is not the season,
so I fail to see the reason
that you'd lay them in the snow!
Is there something I should know? '

'That is easy', said the rabbit,
'I've acquired the new habit
to ensure that every nation
benefits from 'frigeration.'
Thus they parted at the river,
Santa felt a frosty shiver
and the rabbit kept on going,
it was early and still snowing.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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