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Santa Hit That Power Line At Break Neck Speed.

Santa cracks that whip at rudolph's nose...
Was good ole Santa cleared for a fast take-off from ground control inside it's tower? Was the gas tank filled by elve's very own unzippered flies urined power? Rudolph led the team straight into an electrical
power line...Fast to the earthbound ground, was heard a crackeling sound. Zzzz a p! was heard followed by this thunderous crash...
Those poor deer looked like an ashened blackish mound of potatoes
stir fried and not a measley mis-mash. Santa got back up and dusted himself off...While gagging and he let out an unsuspected coff.
His hair was once all colored white...But the reindeer could not see too far because Santa's doo was way too bright. Santa took out his cell phone and called for a cab...But it was hard for him to get inside because of his excessive flab.The driver put poor old Rudolph's carcus
upon the hood...Now in this blizzard's night, Rudolph's nose and Santa's hair, while sitting up front, would make visibility ever so good.
Santa woud return back to the coroner's office after delivering all the
toys to every good girl and boy on his last stretch of this trip.
At the coroner's viewing of Santa's deers...Santa fell over and got back up with a horrable limp, Santa had a saddened end to this travel
abroad.At the airport as he flew away...He bid all good bye and
ushered in a fit of tears.Back at the North Pole he told his elves to patch up himself and Rudolph. He finally sighed and said fix up and repair my sleigh, For i'll need everything brand new for next year's Christmas Holiday.

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