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Santa Remembers The Homeless

T’was the night before Christmas
good tidings Santa gives
to the homeless, sad people
in disarray they do live.

He stood there and pondered
so many alone
on Christmas Eve without families
and chilled to the bone.

They dream of warm meals
each day of the year,
most are forgotten
like the ones he saw there.

Instead of red socks
that are filled with sweet candy
he found piles of old clothing-
worn and sandy.

Santa gazed into their faces;
tears filled his eyes,
poor souls so scared;
fear could not be disguised.

Skin chapped from the cold;
bodies without substance,
Santa couldn’t fathom their stress
some just want a chance.

He felt their lack of esteem
but tonight they’ll be loved
Santa spoke of Christmas
and the Lord from above.

He bowed his head
as he felt their pain,
he told them it’s not forever-
prayed their lives they’d regain.

Santa warmed and fed their broken bodies
and shed many a tear
wished them a Merry Christmas
and a happier New Year.

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