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Santa's Big Night
Ray Lucero ( / )

Santa's Big Night

“We’re done” yelled the chubby Chief-Elf
A pleased expression on his ruddy face
As he set the last toy upon a bulging shelf
(A cute doll dressed up in pretty lace)

“Santa will be pleased” said Mrs. Claus
Placing her tired hands on rounded hips
“Elves put away your hammers & saws”
A kindly smile forming on her rosy lips

In strode Santa all dressed in red 'n white
“Filler up”, he tossing down an empty sack
“Make ready my sleigh, I leave at midnight”
“I’ll need three elves to help me pack”

Aloft, as workshop clock struck midnight chime
The elves heard Santa say…
“Its Hawaiian sun for me come summertime”


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