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Santa's Letter.

I wrote a letter to Santa Claus,

Asking if there was room on his sleigh.

For one little kitten, with very long claws,

To help brighten up my Christmas day.

I asked him not to put it into my stocking,

With the fruits and nuts and candy bars.

My Parents would find it rather shocking,

Even if it came from as far away as Mars.

It would be my very first cat; my own,

When Mum and Dad see it they will be sure to moan.

Mum will sigh and pretend to die,

Dad will give a discrete little groan.

But I will be filled with great delight,

This will surely be a wonderful sight.

I will feed it on milk and fish,

And take it with me to bed.

For it will be the fulfilment of my wish,

Mum will say it can stay.

But you will see to its needs,

I knew now that I would have my own way.

For it is one of Santa's good deeds,

Now this will make my Christmas day.

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